The Legend of La Blanca -- Banner courtesy of Dani.


The year is 1869, not long after the end of the Civil War. On the other side of the Great Plains, the deserts of the West remain wild and uncivilized. In that vast expanse of frontier lies a territory the Spanish called Blanca.

Over three hundred years after the region was named, someone struck silver. Now, the Blanca Region – and the formerly sleepy town of Tin City – is overrun with all sorts of people: settlers looking for freedom, silver rushers looking for wealth, natives looking for peace, thieves looking to steal it all, bounty hunters looking for the thieves – you name it. Tin City's seen it.

Yet, no matter what they've gotten through, they aren't prepared for the biggest rush in the old region's history. Native legend tells a tale of a Pokémon so powerful it's called a goddess of storms. Each flap of its wings blow tornado winds, its cry tears rain clouds open, and it can turn its feathers into thunderbolts. And all that is supposedly sleeping somewhere beneath Blanca's dirt, guarded by four ancient Pokémon. Normally, people wouldn't believe old tales like that… if someone hadn't found a feather from one of her four guardians outside of Tin City.

Just like that, people flocked to Tin City to catch a glimpse of the goddess… if not the goddess herself. That includes the sinister Dr. Hemlock, whose steam-powered mechanical monsters terrorize the citizens of Tin City, and the shaman Sun-Eyed Xatu, who seeks to stop the bird from awakening and sending an endless rainfall to drown the earth.

That leaves you. You are one of many people in Tin City. You could be a bandit. You could be a bounty hunter. White settlers, native, freed slave. Teacher, healer, miner, minion. Good or evil. You can be anything that fits in the Blanca Region, but your goal is the same: find that bird before anyone else.

And maybe pick up some silver and a showgirl on the way.

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