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NPCs of Blanca

Dr. Emmett Hemlock
Age: 49
Team: Mightyena, Arbok, Ariados, Persian
Physical Description: Short and a little stout, Hemlock usually walks dressed in a dark suit (complete with top hat), a pair of circular glasses, and a black cane. His teeth are notably sharp, and his dark hair is almost always wild, except for his mustache and beard. Additionally, in an attempt to purify himself from his humanity, he's severed several of his limbs and replaced them with mechanical parts, so his every step (which is usually a limp) produces a strange hiss.
Character Description: Blanca's resident mad scientist, Hemlock came to the region sometime after Gettysburg in disgust (after having seen what war did to his home region of Tara). He has since then set up shop in the desert, building a large laboratory complex and an army of robots with the wealth he inherited from his father's plantation. He's considered a sadistic madman (with delusions that he is the only pure human being on the face of the planet) and should be treated with extreme caution, if not avoided altogether. Currently, his goal is to find and awaken Soona to bring about a second Great Flood – i.e., drown the sinners and let the good men float.

Sun-Eyed Xatu
Age: 72
Team: Xatu
Physical Description: Sun-Eyed Xatu (Potakuda in Yuni) stands willowy, with wrinkled, copper skin. His body is constantly clad in some sort of animal-hide clothing, save for a bare head (which itself is only covered by long, silver hair). His dark eyes are constantly narrow, as if he stares at the sun constantly. His only other notable article is a tall, wooden staff with feathers hanging from the top to indicate his status.
Character Description: The shaman of the Village of White Arcanine, Sun-Eyed Xatu had, from birth, been a chosen child, a being gifted with visions and the ability to communicate with spirits. Throughout his life, he stood as a prominent figure in the village, possibly to the point where he became more powerful and respected than the chief. One of his most recent visions entailed the awakening of Soona and the destruction of Blanca, and for that, he attempts to find the bird first and guard it himself. Otherwise, he is considered in the village to be a serious but amiable figure, enthusiastic about telling anyone who cares to hear the teachings of the Yuni people.

Running Growlithe
Age: 43
Team: Arcanine, Rapidash
Physical Description: Obviously a leader, Running Growlithe (Daaktulopan in Yuni), descendant of the famous White Arcanine, looks about as tall and mighty as his position, with a tanned, muscled giant of a body and stern, black eyes. He has long, jet-black hair usually under a feathered headdress, and tattoos lace around his bare arms and chest.
Character Description: As the chief of the capital of the Yuni nation, he rules his territory with a strong, passionate fist. None of the other chiefs of the nation dare to cross him, lest they incite his fearsome temper – which he's practically known for. Running Growlithe feels emotion with violent passion, and although this is a peaceful time for the Yuni, he will not hesitate to strike if someone gets out of line. However, he's also perfectly capable of loving passionately and is known for his love for his family as well as his love and generosity towards his own people. Currently, he is carefully watching his village.

Robin Langley
Age: ???
Team: ???
Physical Description: Damned if we knew.
Character Description: The legendary outlaw. If you are a bounty hunter, a law enforcement officer, or an imaginative child, you would have heard about Langley's heists, showdowns, and general mayhem.

Thomas Pennywater
Age: 48
Team: Not a trainer
Physical Description: Pennywater is a short, rail-thin man with a sharply receding hairline (that is, his brown hair grows in a ring around a shiny, pink dome on the top of his skull. His mouth is hidden in a thick, brown mustache, not that it would ever smile anyway. His blue eyes, meanwhile, stare sternly at customers through a pair of half-moon glasses. Other than that, his frail-looking body is typically clad in a white shirt, gray slacks (and shoes), suspenders, and a bow tie.
Character Description: The one thing Pennywater loves the most is money. He arrived in Tin City for the business prospect, and since then, he's been fairly successful. Although he's constantly serious (and sharp-tongued to his shop boys), he still attempts to be fair enough to his customers by maintaining fair prices and offering importing and delivery services. After all, he needs those customers more than anything.

Icarus Wood
Age: 56
Team: Ponyta
Physical Description: A fat man of medium height, Icarus looks, on every inch of his body, like a man of wealth. His dark eyes are always shining with happiness, and his dark hair and thick mustache are always well-trimmed. Additionally, he constantly wears suits of some sort and a top hat, despite the heat of the desert.
Character Description: The current mayor of Tin City, Icarus is… anything but competent. Mostly, he's a jovial man who is constantly oblivious to the world around him. He loves everyone, but he also tends to be extremely gullible. People elected him to be a figurehead, and really, his numerous advisors and the people of Tin City themselves usually run the city in his place.

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